Thursday, September 6, 2007

More of Jack!

He is getting so good at holding up his head. Still a little shakey but not too bad! I love this picture!

Some more smiles!!

We try to practice on our tummy everyday! You can see the drool...he's pretty good at that. Just a couple of days ago he rolled over on his tummy all by himself for the first time! He used to be able to only do it on the bed. It's so soft that he can get over his arm, but today he was laying on his little toy mat and he started to cry really loud. I went to check on him and he had completely rolled over and didn't kow where to go or what to do next! He was so sad, but it was pretty funny!

Us at the Lake. It was so you can tell by my lovely hair. Jack wasn't too sure about the water hitting his toes. He liked it if it was just on his feet but when a little bit bigger wave came, he was not happy! It was cute. We decided that we had to go at least one more time to the lake while the weather is still nice. I'm not sure what we are going to do when it's cold and snowy everyday! I guess we will have to move on to snowmen and hot chocolate instead of sand castles and popsicles!

This is his new favorite way to sleep, on his side. I've never seen a baby do this! He is too funny.

Check out these toes!! He loves to grab his feet with his toes... so funny.

Isn't he to die for! I absolutely love this picture. He just looks so cute! I could be a little bias though....

We tried to prop him up to take a picture but he just ended up getting all sandy. It was still cute though.

His toes were made to wear flip flops, that's for sure.

I love his little swim trunks! He has sand all in his diaper and down his back and in his hair and every where when we got home. I guess that's what's supposed to happen at the beach!