Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day at the Flea Market!!!!

So...some students for their school project this semester put on a flea market every satuday and I displayed my photography at it on the last one. It was a lot of work putting it all together so I'm hoping it was worth it! I think it turned out pretty well. So cross your fingers that I get a photo shoot or two out of it!!!----Whitney

Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 7, 2009
This winter was quite cold and snowy so when Whitney had to go back to school in Jan. we didn't let her drive her car back. We were planning on dragging it behind Lyle's truck and driving her there but Lyle was still recovering from surgery and the weather was terrible so she had to go without it. So we decided to drive it down for her and fly back. We decided in the mean time that it was getting way worn out and we didn't want to have to worry about it being down there with only her to take care of it. So we gave it to Stephanie and we bought another one but didn't tell Whit. We took it there on March 7th. SURPRISE SURPRISE....

Just a little info about Lyle... Some of you may not know that Lyle had a quadruple bypass in November. It all started as a checkup and ended up in the hospital on Nov. 19th for surgery. We were very lucky and met the best doctors. Everything went great and he is back to work full time now. He still has a few issues but not any that hold him back much. We are truly grateful for the Lords guiding hand in our lives. We know that he helped us to find the right people and to be able to get thru it all. Anyway we just wanted to say thanks for the help from everyone.
One more thought---Lyle was released from being in the Stake Presidency for 8 years on the 1st of March. Their whole presidency was released. The President was sick and starting dialysis . So that is another chapter in his life that has changed. It's tough to stay home and not do anything when you have done meetings for the last twenty years every week. I am sure there is something out for him soon but it has been a change for him. He's kind-of invading my space, but I am learning to adjust...

Monday, March 23, 2009

My clogging routine!! is my routine that we just finished learning in my class! I messed up a few times...but oh well..I still love it! I watched the advanced clogging class today and lets just say I have A LOT of work ahead of me if I want to get anywhere near to as good as they were! But don't worry...I will cause I love it! Haha...but I know you all will get a good laugh at this...hope you like it!! -Whitney oh and p.s. I'm the one in the blue!!